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Our History

Core values

ELF is a legendary brand worldwide: a world of passion, technological expertise and a premium-product culture. And the new graphics convey the values dear to the heart of ELF: passion, expertise and premium products.


Fundamentally inspired by R&D and always anticipating, ELF maintains the image of a competitive, effective and expert brand.Through constant technological innovation, it is the brand of success,victory and winners. It inspires all the guarantees of a professional,responsible brand and has proven to be absolutely essential.


The ELF brand is strongly anchored in the public consciousness inmany markets. It has its own status, charisma, elegance andeven prestige. Dignified and restrained, the brand knows howto attract a community with products featuring high technicalvalue-added.


ELF conjures up emotions – a blend of pure sensations.The brand evokes excellence, adventure and sporting achievement. It has many fans throughout the world, all of whom swear by it.

A worldwide presence

ELF has a very strong brand awareness among automobile experts. Buying an ELF product means having the assurance and reliability of an established brand.

The ELF’s quality is based on a very strong experience in motorsports. ELF is firstly known for more than 150 Formula 1 victories.ELF products proved measurable benefits with regard to longevity and engine protection.

ELF products are sold in 113 countries. ELF has dedicated lines of lubricants for cars, motorcycles and heavy duty vehicles.

ELF products are conceived in 2 main research centres:

  • CRES (Solaize, France)
  • TCAP (Mumbai, India)

High technology lubricants

Such as his parent company TotalEnergies, ELF has a strong expertise in lubricants and is deeply engage in high end cleaner lubrication for mobility.

Fuel economy lubricants

Lower fuel consumption, fewer CO2 emissions, more engine protection, less wear... ELF has created its Fuel Economy lubricants to help customers improve the performance of their vehicles and equipment while significantly reducing environmental impact and running costs. With ELF Fuel Economy Lubricants: economy and ecology go hand-in-hand.

Fuel economy lubricants are based on a special formula that helps save fuel compared with conventional oils offering the same level of performance.

This characteristic applies essentially to engine oil, but it can also relate to transmission oils for gearboxes, axles, and more.

Using ELF fuel economy lubricants makes financial sense and is a good move for the environment.

By improving the performance of your engine, Fuel Economy lubricants also significantly reduce your fuel consumption, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

The TotalEnergies fuel economy range is suitable for many types of vehicles and industrial equipment:

  • Fuel economy lubricants for passenger cars,
  • Fuel economy lubricants for passenger carsFuel economy lubricants enable a reduction in polluting emissions per km/mile,
  • They optimize the efficiency of vehicle post-treatment systems and prolong engine life by boosting cleanliness and anti-wear protection,
  • Fuel economy lubricants for heavy duty.

ELF is one of the only lubricant players to have earned certifications for its fuel economy lubricants from four independent bodies.These organizations have confirmed an annually average fuel savings of one litre of fuel for every 100 km or 3% savings (with the combined use of Fuel Economy lubricants for engines, gearboxes and axles).

Developed in TotalEnergies laboratories, fuel economy lubricants have undergone extensive testing, from testing in independent laboratories to full-scale trials on entire fleets of vehicles.
Every time, tests confirm fuel economy lubricants' excellent results: increased performance and service life of engines, greater engine protection, longer gearbox life, reduced maintenance and operating costs, reduced fuel consumption, and more!

Low SAPS lubricants

ELF lubricants' low SAPS products cater to the needs of the most up-to-date engines, enabling their depolluting systems to operate at maximum capacity.
Our low emissions - or "low SAPS" - lubricants contain low levels of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (SAPS). 
SAPS contained in traditional lubricants can have a harmful effect on the depolluting post-treatment systems that eliminate pollutant emissions.Particulate filters (DPF) are particularly sensitive to SAPS.
ELF lubricants' low SAPS technology reduces your environmental impact by optimizing the performance of these depolluting systems.

There has been an unprecedented R&D focus on depolluting systems in the automotive field during recent years. Automakers have thus introduced particulate filters. 
Designed for diesel engines, the filters trap accumulated particulates and produce a diesel injection, which finally burns off the undesirable components.
This has presented a new challenge for lubricants, and TotalEnergies has risen to it.
We have designed oils adapted to the new physical and chemical conditions of post-treatment systems such as particulate filters.

  • Performance of depolluting systems
  • Reduced car servicing costs for the user
  • Appropriate for all uses, even the most intensive
  • A new generation of lubricants for all gasoline and diesel engines