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11/08/2021 News

France : Discover who's the winner of the KAWASAKI ELF VENT VERT contest

About the KAWASAKI ELF VENT VERT operation

The KAWASAKI ELF VENT VERT contest took place from September 21rsy to March 31rst 2021. Using an ELF lubricant for your motorcycle maintenance allowed you to participate in the contest and therefore to win a KAWASAKI NINJA 650 ELF VENT VERT.

To be eligible for the "KAWASAKI ELF VENT VERT" operation, the following conditions had to be met:

  • Perform maintenence of your motorcycle with ELF lubricant in a garage participating in the "KAWASAKI ELF VENT VERT" operation from September 21 to March 31 2021
  • Complete the entry form available at the following address: before March 31, 2021